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About William T. Ayton

William T. Ayton grew up in the north of England. He studied art at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland, attaining a BA (Hons) degree. He later moved to Madrid, Spain & Paris, France, before coming to the USA. After 7 years in Brooklyn, he now lives in the town of Rhinebeck in upstate New York's Hudson Valley.

William T. AytonHe spent several years doing freelance web design in New York City, as well as working extensively for InterActions Media and Exec|Comm, doing web development and graphics.

His skills are mostly in the areas of HTML & graphics (Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash). While not exactly an actual programmer, he has a pretty good working knowledge of technologies such as javascript, CGI, and so on. He can also make servers do what they are supposed to, sometimes.

When not working on web sites & other design jobs, he is a widely exhibited painter.

About this Web Site

This web site was created in Dreamweaver version 8, with most of the graphics being created in Fireworks 8. Photoshop was probably used for some of it, too.

The layout was done using CSS (cascading style sheets), as opposed to the old-fashioned table (grid) based layout. The site has been tested in many browsers, but may not play nicely if you are using a very old browser such as Netscape version 4. Sorry.

The CSS Style Switcher (the little colored boxes up near the top of the page which you may have clicked on) is courtesy of It uses a javascript program to change the look of the site (fonts, colors, backgrounds, and so on). The current themes will be updated from time to time, & new ones will most likely be created.

The photo of me near the top of this page was taken by Mr. Phil Zemke.